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Tips for uploading photos ukgeltd 290 0
by ukgeltd
Port Mulgrave find Scrumpy 100 6
Unusual Wren's Nest trilobite - advice on ID and preparation please s.c. 244 7
by NXD
Some finds from Saltburn LarryS 68 4
by LarryS
wrens nest rockmadman 114 4
by NXD
Any ideas what this is, found at Runswick Darren C 162 5
by Darren C
Runswick bay Scrumpy 182 2
by Scrumpy
Do Ammonites have spines? Darren C 106 4
by Darren C
My first Ammonite Imaginos 105 2
by Hydrangea
Charmouth Find devonjem 726 24
by Darren C
Oh dear! What have I just broken? Darren C 270 5
by Darren C
is this what a dinosaur looks like under a microscope jamesk 90 0
by jamesk
Texas kool fossil's jamesk 75 0
by jamesk
Beach finds, help with id please mikscoot42 155 3
by mikscoot42
Found on East Yorkshire coast at Hunmanby gap Richard67 138 3
by boneblock
wenlock edge area rockmadman 95 3
by rockmadman
wrens nest id please rockmadman 81 2
by prep01
help identify this please - Cayton Beach FindTom 66 0
by FindTom
New here and found loads of plant fossils lepidodunnit 87 2
by lepidodunnit
New here and found loads of plant fossils lepidodunnit 51 0
by lepidodunnit
please identify? bella 71 0
by bella
Port mulgrave Scrumpy 127 0
by Scrumpy
is this a mollusc fossil Darren C 95 0
by Darren C
Rock found at Southerndown Sarah Robertson 119 11
by Sarah Robertson
Lavernock Find Nautilus me thinks Cool Running 154 1
by Hydrangea
Kettleness IDs please Scrumpy 156 3
by Scrumpy
Need help with ID please - possibly bone and a little tusk/antler? Found near Skipsea (Holderness Coastline) lillyfay 89 2
by lillyfay
what kind of mollusc? bella 217 6
by Bonjoy
Possible bone from port mulgrave & kettleness ? Scrumpy 157 2
by Scrumpy
Iridescent ammonite Kettleness longbow.1 155 2
by Hydrangea
Unidentified large shell 146 1
past fossil finds! mballi 269 5
by estwing
Vertebrae ? Arthur1 329 3
by Spoonfrog
Identification of fossils found. guy macdonald 260 5
by Doggerfan
what is this interesting Fossil we found Jurrasic coast Tracey April Goddard 415 6
by TqB
Any ideas where about this piece of bone comes from? FarmerField 491 11
by FarmerField
Is this a fossil? quietone 339 14
by prep01
identification fossil or not!! mballi 268 5
by Unregistered
First ammonite Harry Fowler 125 2
by prep01
Unknown Fossil Rhoose Point richard_jenkins85 304 3
by richard_jenkins85
A few more unknown fossils and locations Arthur1 331 13
by Arthur1
Pet Level Sharp-eye 223 3
by Rolo
Fossil? Critch 268 3
by Critch
Carboniferous trilobite Windy Miller 445 10
by Bonjoy
Possible tooth AUSTIN CHRIS 193 2
by Neil Clark
pebble found on beach Dippy125 221 2
by prep01
Fossil (?) ID Rory Evans 231 1
by TqB
Any idea what this is please? airey1000 269 3
by prep01
What's this? Tril O'Bite 321 4
by Crann
what is this interesting Fossil we found Jurrasic coast Tracey April Goddard 174 2
by prep01
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