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Nummulites from SE Slovenia natalija88 47 0
by natalija88
australian jurrasic trace fossils, boring don't click flint 97 10
by Unregistered
Steinkern of a gastropod John boy 56 2
by John boy
Transitional Fossils sarahtaylor 161 8
by LarryS
Recommendations for localities in western and southern France? Unregistered 56 0
by Unregistered
Field Trip To Fossils In The Lower Mississippian Tin Mountain Limestone (Death Valley Area, California) Inyo1 56 0
by Inyo1
Palma bay , Mallorca finds salvo89s 124 0
by salvo89s
Clypeasters Spatangus 195 10
by Spatangus
Field Trip To A Vertebrate Fossil Locality In The Coso Range, California Inyo1 74 1
by Richard
Please help us identify this "fossil" (?) found in south west France Shuttle 106 3
by Shuttle
A Petrified Log Worth Its Weight In Gold Inyo1 158 1
by mr ammonites
Devonian corals.
1 2
TqB 1,788 80
by valh
french ammonite and nautilus fossil mad 158 3
by fossil mad
Altdorf ammonite estwing 143 2
by estwing
Newbie Greeting and Help ID a Rock Farmer Reza 129 0
by Farmer Reza
Is this fossilised wood?? Chris Robinson1985 123 3
by mr ammonites
Rugose coral? Incandenza 91 3
by Incandenza
Hi all..I'm confused about the identification of these fossils ..they are from The Priabonian of Egypt Rukia 218 2
by Doggerfan
Villers sure mer - lucky timing Anne 288 5
by Doggerfan
Heteromorph ammonites Bobo the bear 436 13
by estwing
New Page--"Late Pennsylvanian Fossils In Kansas" Inyo1 129 0
by Inyo1
Mazon Creek Fossil Hunt in Grundy County, Illinois U.S. Stephen Mack II 128 2
by Stephen Mack II
Authenticity check -.heteromorph Beakie 237 8
by polyfenestella
The rock i found in portugal. Caitlin Ayres 166 1
by Neil Clark
Trace Fossils Gabor 925 31
by Mysticism-Temple
My first dinosaur tooth? Maybe? Goldkaiser 168 0
by Goldkaiser
New Fossils-Related Page--"A Visit To Fossil Valley, Great Basin Desert, Nevada" (A Miocene Classic) Inyo1 47 0
by Inyo1
Fossil hunting in Spain Daniel 181 2
by Daniel
Permian reptile Goldkaiser 180 1
by megalodon96
Another dig in the Aalenian Doggerfan 2,241 42
by Doggerfan
Fossils from Russia.
1 2 3 4 5
valh 21,733 206
by valh
New Page: "Paleozoic Era Fossils At Mazourka Canyon, California" Inyo1 147 0
by Inyo1
Morocco shark tooth Daniel 97 3
by Daniel
Chinggiskhaania bifurcata from MONGOLIA YVIE 94 0
My New Page About Early Cambrian Fossils In Calif. Doggerfan 151 3
by MicroFossilMan
Permian amphibians and fish from Czech republic paleo24 453 7
by advantage
Vendian from ukraine Vendian 826 7
by Didymoceras
Kimmeridgian finds from the upper Danube Valley beatpete 1,419 30
by Doggerfan
Ident please Elbert 457 12
by MicroFossilMan
Fossil I`d please MicroFossilMan 142 1
by MicroFossilMan
Rhine fossils Daniel 278 6
by Daniel
Dinosaur 13 Koss1959 227 3
by Koss1959
Please support this petition Guy Osborn 892 22
by MicroFossilMan
GREEK WORM ON?? FossilPhil 284 9
by FossilPhil
Echinoids id website YVIE 204 1
Machimosaurus Rex Palaeoguy 125 1
by Palaeoguy
Eocene gastropods and foraminifera from Spain Xantho 182 1
by Xantho
BBC on sauropods sd41 202 2
by sd41
Books on fossils and Dinosaurs plagistoma 126 2
by plagistoma
French ammonite Goldkaiser 328 6
by Goldkaiser
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