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Found a couple of fossils today .. Fossilee 258 1
by Doggerfan
Please Identify Unknown Specimen FossilsRfun 187 0
by FossilsRfun
Ammonites of the Inferior Oolite Tom 3,280 9
by Tom
Jurassic Echinoderms TqB 3,366 4
by TqB
Gault Clay Microfossils: Echinoderms ThomasM 1,118 2
by ThomasM
Gault fossils: BIVALVES ThomasM 2,473 3
by ThomasM
red crag and corralline crag gastropods Naze Dave 2,591 13
by Naze Dave
Red & Coralline Crag: OTHER TAXA Naze Dave 1,283 4
by Fossil Magnet
Ammonites of the Yorkshire upper Lias AndyS 11,436 22
by AndyS
Red & Coralline Crag: BIVALVES Fossil Magnet 1,158 5
by Fossil Magnet
Teuthid cephalopods AndyS 1,183 1
by AndyS
Ammonites of the Yorkshire middle Lias AndyS 3,056 6
by AndyS
Callovian Ammonites ukgeltd 1,749 8
by ukgeltd
Posting to this board Bill G 1,670 0
by Bill G
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