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Permian fenestellid TqB British Fossils 96 4
by TqB
Upper Gilwern Hill Quarry Fossil hunter British Locations 413 7
by Cool Running
Penarth meeting in April Unregistered British Locations 119 2
by Cool Running
Carboniferous corals
1 2 3 4 5 6  ... Last Page
Hydrangea British Fossils 813,447 1,430
by valh
Identification help please. Tyler300888 Your Recent Finds 138 3
by MicroFossilMan
Silurian corals
1 2 3 4 5
CurtKnap British Fossils 2,390 230
by CurtKnap
The first 3 look seed pod like. The second 3 are almost snake skin like. The last 3 look plastic almost...very black & weighs heavy. Any ideas Thanxs Buzz2 British Fossils 158 6
by Hydrangea
Fossils under the microscope
1 2
Brittle Star British Fossils 799 63
by prep01
Bexhill and Hastings dinosaur, reptile etc fossils Wealden coast fossils British Fossils 723 6
by Wealden coast fossils
Help with identification please.. Adelee Griggs Your Recent Finds 251 7
by CurtKnap
First finds Louselsey Your Recent Finds 190 1
by gremlin
Splash Of Colour.
1 2
History~In~Stone Minerals and Crystals 578 50
by Triassic Tom
Faults on Geological Maps Ganymede12 Geology, Earth Science 112 3
by Triassic Tom
Ichthyosaur? devonjem Your Recent Finds 329 3
by John Fulcher
Help with Upper Coal Measures formation please. Triassic Tom Geology, Earth Science 60 0
by Triassic Tom
Another ID please? & some more crinoids Matchufella British Fossils 174 2
by Matchufella
Insect wing? Daniel British Fossils 149 2
by Daniel
Isle of Wight fossil cache
1 2
gigantopithicus British Fossils 3,219 59
by Goldkaiser
Pterodactyl Eating A Fish? Mji2001 Your Recent Finds 253 3
by Elbert
Penarth Nautilus identification Fly_Trap Your Recent Finds 229 5
by Bow1980
Coeloceras Pettos? devonjem Your Recent Finds 110 2
by devonjem
Sheppey Nautilus Help Please Bill G British Fossils 517 5
by gremlin
Dapedium? devonjem British Fossils 496 9
by devonjem
Estwing Hammer issue devonjem Equipment Advice 79 2
by Unregistered
by ammofan16
Hamstead beds IOW teejay2 Your Recent Finds 182 3
by Brittle Star
Found last week at Port Mulgrave Scrumpy Your Recent Finds 218 6
by fossilman
Belemnites mr ammonites Your Recent Finds 112 2
by TqB
Tidmoor point mr ammonites Your Recent Finds 115 0
by mr ammonites
Bexhill 'tusk'? MrPolly British Fossils 193 4
by MrPolly
Aust s.c. British Locations 186 4
by s.c.
Can anyone ID this please? Matchufella Your Recent Finds 201 4
by Matchufella
Clueless starfish find gjp26 British Fossils 192 6
by gjp26
ID please Jay Crick Your Recent Finds 103 0
by Jay Crick
Big ammonite Matchufella Your Recent Finds 160 1
by Hydrangea
Mammoth tooth. mr ammonites Your Recent Finds 212 4
by Hydrangea
Bit of Jurassic sea floor. Hydrangea British Fossils 546 15
by Hydrangea
Microfossil Assemblage - Miocene Foram-Michael Your Recent Finds 54 0
by Foram-Michael
professional help pwoodger Preparation, Preservation 81 0
by pwoodger
Dinosaur bone identification. Thomas Taylor Your Recent Finds 235 4
by brym
What is this Your Recent Finds 146 1
by CurtKnap
2 hours on the beach yesterday Matchufella Your Recent Finds 366 4
by Hydrangea
Dorset Dino Tracks mr ammonites British Locations 337 4
by Gary W
Cayton finds id help please sr British Fossils 302 6
by sr
Beachy Head hunt for 45 landscape architects Sasha Savtchenko British Locations 139 1
by Brittle Star
Looking for Sheppey fossils! Mainly nautilus, fish, lobsters and crabs. gremlin Sales, Swaps, Wanted 88 0
by gremlin
Burton ammonite id longbow.1 Your Recent Finds 131 2
by longbow.1
Carboniferous ferns with gastropod? tc British Fossils 123 3
by prep01
Paleobiology database navigator quagga Free Publications 63 1
by MicroFossilMan
Devonian corals.
1 2
TqB World Fossils 1,766 80
by valh

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