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Eathie beach find Steve84 Your Recent Finds 42 1
by Vert Finder
Filey erratics-couple for ID's please Bobo the bear British Fossils 320 14
by TqB
Coprolite? Or just weird stones! Sighs of a donkey Your Recent Finds 194 6
by Sighs of a donkey
Found on Mappelton beach and would like it verified. Timpsykes Your Recent Finds 107 2
by Rolo
New find needing identification. Your Recent Finds 90 0
Sheppey trip Tazcat Your Recent Finds 133 0
by Tazcat
Cromarty finds. ID please Pcbessa Your Recent Finds 139 2
by prep01
Chalk ID Bas Your Recent Finds 195 5
by Bas
Carboniferous corals
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Hydrangea British Fossils 814,305 1,490
by CurtKnap
Mystery find Port Mulgrave-Staites
1 2 3
Elbert British Fossils 3,249 132
by Elbert
Advice and ID please Ray_smith56 British Fossils 260 3
by Ray_smith56
jurrasic trace fossil flint World Fossils 86 2
by flint
Fossil or something else? Ritchie George British Fossils 237 14
by ammofan16
Dinosaur Foot prints? Paul Sadler Your Recent Finds 187 1
by flint
What kind of stone it is? jjz Minerals and Crystals 69 0
by jjz
Dinosaur poop British Fossils 222 2
by prep01
UK Fossil Hunting Tour AliceBeth British Locations 244 9
by John T
Beer Head/Seaton Echinoid identification help Chalkers British Fossils 177 11
by Chalkers
Naturally glowing fluorescent rock???? British Fossils 192 9
by andy333
Identification of molars please Joe Thompson British Fossils 236 6
by Joe Thompson
Port Mulgrave finds Scrumpy Your Recent Finds 221 6
by Scrumpy
GOZO Rolo World Fossils 159 12
by Rolo
Help Bracken British Fossils 138 9
by Bracken
Help Bracken British Fossils 197 18
by prep01
Help Bracken British Fossils 102 6
by Bracken
Mappleton finds brym Your Recent Finds 371 15
by Hydrangea
Fossil ? Beebee1 Your Recent Finds 148 8
by Beebee1
Corallian shell id Sween Your Recent Finds 79 0
by Sween
ID please - 2 fossils from Charmouth oldtimer British Fossils 167 9
by oldtimer
Carboniferous Coral? Richard British Fossils 104 4
by s.c.
Ticks awareness! prep01 British Fossils 165 2
by s.c.
Clam fossil? Beebee1 Your Recent Finds 134 10
by Beebee1
ID please - 'bone' from Hampshire PeteH British Fossils 121 7
by PeteH
possibly a fossil? jjz Your Recent Finds 114 1
by prep01
ID help please for Aust Cliff find, tooth? Rosco British Fossils 213 6
by Rosco
All my fossils from Yorkshire trip. Gandalf the White Your Recent Finds 226 5
by Gandalf the White
ID help from Aust Cliff, Gloucestershire AGW2 British Fossils 201 6
by P King Chef
Any iow (North side) collectors on forum? iow hunter British Fossils 256 3
by Joe Thompson
Fossils from reef in Crete ID if possible Gandalf the White Your Recent Finds 144 0
by Gandalf the White
New member unusual fossils identification from Suffolk red crag SAQROGER British Fossils 256 6
by Tim Holt-Wilson
New compressor longbow.1 Preparation, Preservation 83 0
by longbow.1
Ammo birthday pressy longbow.1 Your Recent Finds 259 13
by LiamL
Fossil hunting guided session, South East edmundmoriarty British Fossils 236 13
by edmundmoriarty
A few wenlock finds jamesbetts79 Your Recent Finds 173 2
by s.c.
ID help wenlock shell fossil jamesbetts79 Your Recent Finds 168 10
by jamesbetts79
australian jurrasic trace fossils, boring don't click flint World Fossils 204 16
by flint
New member would appreciate some ID help please :) Dustscratcher British Fossils 204 6
by Dustscratcher
Is this a jellyfish fossil? Dustscratcher Your Recent Finds 200 5
by Dustscratcher
Monmouth ammo prep longbow.1 Your Recent Finds 259 4
by longbow.1
Recent finds AliceBeth Your Recent Finds 191 8
by AliceBeth

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