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Doing research for a project and i decided for the topic of this research to be the local effects of the Variscan Orogeny. (see picture) i understand that the rocks labelled GDL and GCO were deposited before the effects took place but im not sure about the coal measures (UCM). I am unsure about whether the measures were deposited before or after the orogeny, i looks like is was depositied after but the dates don't support this:

Quotes from websites:

"By the late Palaeozoic (250 million years ago), the continents had converged to form a supercontinent, called Pangea. The collisions which brought this about are known as the Variscan (sometimes Hercynian or Armorican) orogeny, which took place over about 100 million years. The main effects on the UK took place in the late Carboniferous to early Permian (about 290 million years ago)."

And "The measures were deposited in the Namurian Ages"

Heres a picture of a cross section, what do you think? hello darkness my old friend.png 

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