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I took my 4 year old dinosaur-devoted son to Quantoxhead a while back to go fossil-hunting. We found lots and lots of ammonites. I read here that it is possible to find reptile and fish remains there too:

My son loves plesiosaurs, so I was hoping we might find something identifiable as plesiosaur. We didn't find anything. Or maybe we did, but didn't know what we were look at...? The ammonites are easy to spot because they are distinctive. But how do we spot plesiosaur remains? Are they all over the beach like the ammonites, but we are blind to them? I'm guessing you don't just trip over something like this:

We are going back to the area next week. Can anyone give any tips to search for and identify the "reptile remains" mentioned above?

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Well done for finding ammonites, but to be honest you'd be lucky to find plesiosaur anywhere. They are rare, and also difficult to spot. If anything, you might find single vertebrae, but articulated specimens are once in a lifetime finds, and therefore scientifically really important.

Keep looking though.
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