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So I’m currently staying in a caravan site just on the top of the cliff of Whitecliff bay. I was wondering if anyone has been to the bay (down the very steep path next to the campsite) and if so could you give me some tips on where to look and what fossils I can find where. I believe I’ve found a Belemnite but that was on the off chance as I didn’t know what formation I was looking in. Also is it best to turn left or right at the bottom of the steep pathway? Any tips or guidance is appreciated, thanks.
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Not sure about whitecliff bay, and depends what you're after, but Sandown is not far away and beach is good for dinosaur fossils in the yellow/Brown cliff and along shoreline. Summer is difficult time to find anything as less erosion and lots of seaweed but you can still find bits and pieces. Dinosaur isle museum in Sandown has info. The chalk at far end of cliffs (near to whitecliffe bay) has occasional ammonites and marine fossils. Otherwise head over to brook and Hannover point for dinosaur fossils. Dinosaur farm museum arranges trips and will show you where to look. Find them online. Good luck
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