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Jurassic Jumper
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this area is not very far from my home, and over the years, I got to know it  like the contents of my pockets. I got ptsd and looking for stones, fossils and archeology is very therapeutic for me.
sir tony robinson (Baldwin and time team) as well promoted searching and digging for "stuff" as the best remedy for people suffering from ptsd.

if you got ptsd, join a club or forum and start looking for things! [smile]

vertebrae thunder egg "spinning top" it's the only one I know of, please post a pic if you got one as well. nice see thru silica! not to be cut into a gemstone...
SAM_3382.JPG  vertebrae thunder egg, they are difficult to take a photo of to show there real beauty. a vert thunder egg is a thunder egg without the "egg". SAM_3385.JPG  classic thunder egg, this is a big one, sometimes the "matrix" of the egg can be cut and polished as well, as semi precious gem stone.SAM_3380.JPG  chalcedony, maybe I try to cut this stone.


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Cretaceous Climber
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Thunder egg? Never heard of that term. Is it another name for fulgurite?
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Thunder egg is essentially a geode, the ones from Mount Hay in Queensland occur in rhyolite and are generally spherical with quartz infilling, they weather out of the rhyolite and can be picked up by the bucket full.
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