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Help with ID please. crusty_rusty59 76 3
by Gandalf the White
New Page Regarding Fossil Leaves Near Reno, Nevada Inyo1 58 1
by Gerald Gibson
Some hard crystalline rock with patterns, is it a fossil? Unregistered 68 1
by Dirty Pete
Fossils find 109 1
by nomadiclifeguide
New Fossils Page--"Fossil Plants At The Chalk Bluff Hydraulic Gold Mine, California" Inyo1 244 0
by Inyo1
Found fossils on Anglesey! Sarah Eloise 107 1
by CurtKnap
New Fossils-Related Page--High Sierra Nevada Fossil Plants Inyo1 97 0
by Inyo1
Request information Jimmy Khattab 163 12
by prep01
Best Fossils henryrb 127 3
by henryrb
Hello and starting my collection Benny 221 6
by Benny
please can you ID my fossil becca74 110 2
by Unregistered
Vertabrate? fossil from Timor. Some sort of ID appreciated encrinite 212 4
by encrinite
Possible coral fossil Normandy coast Jenza88 128 5
by Jenza88
What is this Hadr 113 2
by Hadr
Highest Quality Cuban Megalodon Tooth 388 3
by marco_ccf
Ireland fossils found Aneka 107 7
by Aneka
just found these with my 7 year old son...what are they? cseaton 229 5
by prep01
Carboniferous Jason Julie Wilcock 74 1
by prep01
Locations from across the globe Goldkaiser 53 0
by Goldkaiser
Fossil on rock Ruby Pennington 107 2
by Ruby Pennington
Hi there edc18 89 1
by CurtKnap
Is this a fossil bone? Hadr 110 0
by Hadr
jurrasic trace fossil flint 133 2
by flint
GOZO Rolo 212 12
by Rolo
australian jurrasic trace fossils, boring don't click flint 227 16
by flint
Jurassic Ammonites from Hungary
1 2
Gabor 8,644 92
by Gabor
Keichousaurus? 103 2
by Elbert
Some of Ohio's Trilobites Olenus 947 9
Thrumrait Brachiopod ? Clashach 78 2
by Unregistered
New Page--"Ice Age Fossils At Santa Barbara, California" Inyo1 61 0
by Inyo1
Fossil identification!!! twoandhelp 294 10
by dream_traveller@outlook.c
A Clam Bake From The Cretaceous Of California Inyo1 115 0
by Inyo1
Unkown Fossil Dippy125 219 4
by FossilPhil
New Page--Dinosaur-Age Fossil Leaves In California Inyo1 278 2
by mr ammonites
Antwepern/Belgium SharkToothMaster 125 3
by Elbert
Stromatolites from Slovenia natalija88 160 4
Any Help please identifying Tiny Fossils on item. Jenny Melrose 369 12
by Jenny Melrose
Devonian corals.
1 2
TqB 1,990 95
by valh
Eurypterids from Saaremaa, Estonia andrasz 208 4
by andrasz
Authenticity check -.heteromorph Beakie 343 9
by andrasz
Hi all..I'm confused about the identification of these fossils ..they are from The Priabonian of Egypt Rukia 298 3
by andrasz
Any Help please identifying Tiny Fossils on item. Jenny Melrose 20 0
by Jenny Melrose
fossilised trees Phileas fossilis 1,108 24
by wamorris
Anyone help me? CheshireLass 159 5
by cinders
Field Trip To Fossils In The Lower Mississippian Tin Mountain Limestone (Death Valley Area, California) Inyo1 99 1
by Alex Andrew
the little urchin fossils family NXD 109 0
by NXD
Echinoid ?? Ireland Erin2017 216 6
by CurtKnap
Fossils? jakewilliam 86 1
by alee Aliyana
Hook Head fossils .... Erin2017 265 6
by brym
Fossils? jakewilliam 91 1
by s.c.
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