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Bobo the bear
Hi Got these from Port Mulgrave 9/4/19
2 pyritised dachs and lastly a smaller one which looks different to me but maybe just a different Dach to the communes.

IMG_20190414_115854.jpg  IMG_20190414_115921.jpg  IMG_20190414_115941.jpg  IMG_20190414_115957.jpg  IMG_20190414_120019.jpg  IMG_20190414_120047.jpg
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Hello, it is the first "dac" wich looks different to me; could be a Zugodactylites(?) the second one is the common one, be it very rolled and warn bij the sea.
Dactylioceras and family have very complicated shells wich consists out of several layers, wich makes that warn ones tend to look different from the freshley broken ones.
And Dacs with the whole shell still on look, again, different...

greetings, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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