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(2nd fossil)

This unknown fossil is one of two I found in my teens rummaging around in an old quarry after a blast & they'd gone home for the night. (I know, health & safety would have a heart attack these days!) I'd have a quick sweep through before they all got put through the crusher the following day.
While I wasn't entirely sure of the geological veins of those rocks given my youth, but I had found other bivalves and corals dating from between the Silurian to Devonian periods in the same rocks surrounding. The odd Cambrian thing would show up intermittently but I think that was just other older blast piles underneath.
I've never known what they are but they've always fascinated me. They remind me of corals potentially, especially with the stems, apparently porus skins, shape etc. One has quite pretty "rings" in its centre. The other looks broken in half & you can see inside the inner tubing with odd delicate looking apparatus at the top of each tube. Could be something or nothing, I'll let you experts finally identify what these are 🙂
Photos attached of #2 of the 2 items. I'll attach the second in another post so they are clearly separated.
Thanks everyone who has a gander!
Click image for larger version - Name: _20200805_220049.jpg, Views: 40, Size: 252.18 KB Click image for larger version - Name: _20200805_215928.jpg, Views: 48, Size: 230.66 KB Click image for larger version - Name: _20200805_215734.jpg, Views: 43, Size: 312.53 KB Click image for larger version - Name: _20200805_215610.jpg, Views: 43, Size: 184.86 KB Click image for larger version - Name: _20200805_215518.jpg, Views: 41, Size: 170.98 KB
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Gary W
might be coral but I think more likely to just be inorganic crystal growth
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Dirty Pete
From pic#4, reckon another stromatoporoid.

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Thanks guys. I'll have to look up some stromatoporoid examples, haven't got much experience with those.

The crystal structure is gorgeous (especially when wet from cleaning) it certainly has some manner of 'core' that can be seen at both ends. Oddly knobbly but I assumed that might be matrix or coating so I left it alone!
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