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Facebook and news Covid 19 24/7 enough said on that,hoping to see a few more recent finds anyone?i cant say i enjoyed working on this find,its not fine tuned finished but i have to call it a day and move on!
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Nice! Great find!
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Dirty Pete
Hi F.A,
Is that a neural arch attached to a centrum at 12 o'clock?

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this image might help,predation perhaps? u could keep going on grinding out all the pits and wells!
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P King Chef
That came out rather well Richard. re. your vert with  neural it's more likely to be scavenging rather than predation.

At work I have to make a lot of sacrifices.
It's one of the benefits of being a Druid.
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Thanks pete  (this is the one i mentioned in dec northside on P.M) ,yes scavenging is a more fitting term that's the one!  not sounding ungrateful for the find but had to allow a fracture up through cluster of verts to part and bond back together,strengthen reverse side, unstable bone ichthy verts verses hard matrix lots of air grinding.....i think most who prep may get the "didnt enjoy this one"   
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Gerald Gibson
You did a great job on prepping--very professional!

---- Gerald
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Matthew Myerscough
Fantastic find and prep job Richard!  Very interesting.  Can I see shark fin spines or are they ribs or something else?  Verts look great too
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matthew a few things exposed, centre wise correct shark fin spines, skinny bit of rib lower left, a few lumps of bone if not verts and severnichthys jaw next to vert cluster
its got appeal... keep safe shame our fossil trips are scuppered i'm lucky i can walk to cliff with dogs daily exercise and look at a pebble at least. lol

Rich ðŸ™‚
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