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Hi I found this section of ammonite on the scar near the cliff, between Boggle Hole and Stoupe Beck. It was found pretty much as you see it , just needed a light clean with Bi-carb in the air abrader and a wash. Any help with an ID would be great. Thanks

  IMG_20191005_112434_resized_20191005_113220062 (2).jpg  IMG_20191005_114925_resized_20191005_115010107[3040] (2).jpg  IMG_20191005_112331_BURST001_COVER_resized_20191005_113222471.jpg  IMG_20191005_112802_resized_20191005_113225199 (2).jpg 
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Most likely Gleviceras.
Frustratingly, these never ever seem to have 3D peserved inner whorls.
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