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Just got back from a couple of days at Whitby. I know access to these two sites has been made difficult in the past few years by landslides but what are they like now? I didn't bother to go and look as I was on my own and specialise in falling over, but I'd like to go back with a friend once we're allowed out again...
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Hello, recently visited both sites; PM is easy; new path with luxury stairs and also the rope for those that have a wish for adventure; good when dry, but hard when wet.
K`ness is a different kettle of fish: rope is hard; only for the incrowd, the tunnelpath/rope  is steep and slippery. Walking from Runswick is the better option.
Have found reasonably good at both locations, but big tide is a must...
Good hunting and be carefull...

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Thank you!
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