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I found these three fossils on the isle of Sheppey and have started to prep them but being new to this I am not confident of the outcome. Question is taking into account the size of the fossils and the amount of matrix still attached roughly how much would it cost to have them professionally prepared and would you deem them worth it. 
The toothed fish nodule contains the lower jaw and I think the cranium plus it looks like the top of the jaw is also there.
The vertebra with tail spines has prepped fairly well and possibly just needs a polish??
Would anyone know what the third fossil is, its definitely bone. IMG_0330.jpg  IMG_0331.jpg  IMG_0332.jpg  IMG_0325.jpg  IMG_0326.jpg  IMG_0327.jpg  IMG_0328.jpg  IMG_0329.jpg 
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Hi, there is no real answer to your question I'm afraid! It will depend on several factors - first is exploration to see what else is in the matrix, secondly preservation of the fossils (from your photos they look like Phosphatic nodules)? Do you want the jaw fully prepped out (if possible) or left in the matrix? There may be others thatndon't / can't be asked until it's 'in the hand'! Oh, and then there's the hourly rate the preparator charges.
From your photos it looks like about 40% would be air abrading (no polishing) but consolidation with Paraloid may well be needed.
The amount you would need to spend will depend on all these factors, but it is a great find - well done!
Colin Huller
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Thank you for your reply Colin.
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