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Hello! I was recently gifted an ammonite fossil by a friend so I would love to find out as much as possible about this fossil if anybody could help :)
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umm? the word "ammonite" does not tell us anything. you need to show it to us in a picture. so please post the picture. there are a lot of species of ammonites.
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Ammonites are extinct sea-dwelling critters that flourished from about 200 million years ago to about 65 million years ago. If your fossil is indeed an ammonite then you've probably realised that it has a coiled shell. The creature (think octopus) lived inside the last part of the shell. The shell slowly grew in length and, periodically, the creature shuffled forwards and sealed off the rest of the shell behind it by secreting a wall (posh word, septum) across the inside of the shell. Often the trace of the contact between this wall and the shell can be seen as a wiggly line (posh word, suture) on the outside of the fossil.

Hopefully this fossil is the first of many!
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