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I recently found these fossils in Suffolk while working on some farmland , the ammonite was a a rock that was dug up and you could see the edge looked like quartz and so it gave it hit with a hammer and to my amazement this little ammonite came out , I'm not sure what type it is ? also the other fossil is a bit of a mystery too , any info would be very welcome
thanks IMG_2698.jpg  IMG_2699.jpg 
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Hello Matthew and welcome to the forum. Let's start with the fpssol on the left. This is a sea urchin, an internal cast preserved as flint (SiO2), formed in the chalk seas 80 - 85 million years ago, then eroded from the chalk and transported to Suffolk. Because of its rather battered state and not knowing where it was formed, I am unable to give you an ID. The ammonite again has been transported there from (by the looks of it) Jurassic strata 150 - 200 million years ago. Given the lack of information, I wouldn't like to try and ID it. There may be someone on here that may suggest a genus for it though.
I hope this helps.
Colin Huller
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Richard Unitt
Ammonite looks like an Oxfordian Amoeboceras sp. 157.3 to 163.5 Ma.
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