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Thank you :)

It was in the cliff face, so too dangerous and not ideal to try and remove the whole lot. Such a shame! It was lovely! I could see it there in the rock, but, alas...
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Hello everyone!
I like collecting fossils but am rather rubbish with identification of them.
Whilst in Whitby, N.Yorkshire a few weeks ago, I came across this ammonite. It was wedged in at the very base of the cliff in some crumbling rock. But I couldn't get the whole thing out, as I stupidly only had a small pocket tool with me, so I only have the piece which was hanging out!

I can see it isn't one of the 'usual' suspects found on the beach in Whitby, but I'm a bit baffled as to what species it could be, giving it's little nodules around the ridges, and possibly a nodule from a broken larger spike? I'm not sure. Here's some photos...

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Hello, this is a piece of a Peronoceras cf. andraei.
Pity you could not take the whole ammonite.


greetings, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Peronoceras indeed. Possibly p. Andreai or peronoceras turriculatum. Not quiet enough there for a more positive id... Also a warning ... The cliff faces are extremely dangerous and the best fossils are never to be found there... The best fossils are always in pebbles on. The beach.. The more pebbles the more fossils. Cliff faces can fall on you at anytime!!
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