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Gerald Gibson
Greetings from the Lone Star State:

I have submitted to this UK forum several times, but this time I might be, to use a trite phrase, "going out on a limb".  I picked this up a while back--an oddity in a Middle Cretaceous matrix of shale filled with gryphea and exogyra fossils, scratched m[y head then discarded it in my wife's garden.  Now, after scratching and probing it and comparing its weight to the rocks surrounding it, I've come to the unqualified conclusion that it is metal and quite possibly a meteorite.  Why else would a metalic mass be submerged in unrelated shale?  For this reason, I have resurrected this curiosity and present it to my British colleagues.  The questions are: (1) Is this a meteorite? or (2) Is it merely an unexplained hunk of misshapen dark metal mysteriously present in light colored shale?  For various reasons, I am on the fence on this one.  I know it's not a fossil, so, to uses another trite phrase, "I might be barking up the wrong tree", and yet I am confounded by it.  What are your opinions?

---- Gerald
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Bill G
answered in (whoops-i-forget-to-attach-it topic)
Cheers, Bill
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