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Triassic kid
I was just wondering, after seeing so many finds like this on the website, is there a knack for spotting nodules? Is it mostly luck, or is there a way of telling if there is a fossil inside? I'm sure this is rather a dumb question, but thanks to anyone who can be bothered to look.
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Hi, you may get tiny bits of the nodule worn away to expose what might be a fossil then you just start prepping - it is not a good idea to just take the hammer and whack a nodule! However a few gentle taps around bedding planes or cracks can help.
Colin Huller
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Hello, not at all a stupid question; it takes some experience and intuition to pick up the right nodules; in Yorkshire the good nodules often have an egg-shape, be it a bit flattened. Also the color is a factor and the combination of shape and color often gives it away.
Also there can be signals on the outside of the nodule; bits of shell, bone, crinoid or ammonite ect. showing.
But there are always exeptions and this is a learning proces wich does not end; if you have a hunch, always check and look.
It just takes a lot of practice and it is always a good idea to look what the more experienced collectors pick up.

Good luck searching, have fun whilst being always careful...

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Triassic kid
Hi, thank you both for your replies, really great info to have! I shall keep it in mind when searching 😊
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