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think guys are right but hey good try pal
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This is a broken bit of a rock I found. This fragment is about 1" thick and contains multiple structures, all similar but of varying size. Some of the structures have dark centres. They do not seem to be molluscs. Any ideas please ?

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 That looks like the coquina of the shepards chine member, vectis formation, wealden group, but if so its miles out of place. certainly looks like a shell bed anyway.
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Looks like a conglomerate - thats a rock formed by rounded clasts (rock fragments) in a finer grained matrix.

I think it was shipped in from who knows where to form part of a sea defence.






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hi ,i agree with ryan ,it looks most like a conglomerate.
down amongst the stones.
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Thanks everyone. I had dreamed up some strange theories e.g. fish eggs, seeds from a large ancient fruit etc. but the shape and size didn't make sense. I guess conglomerate is most likely then.
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