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Kenny C
Hi could anyone ID this fossil for me, it appears egg shaped and I sure I can see she’ll like outer? F15246D9-A95A-4EFB-BCEF-397B2DC9A3E4.jpeg  031B4D89-E05E-46D0-8395-6D0945C2DC6A.jpeg 
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Brittle Star
First of all where exactly was it found. Without seeing a close up of any surface detail hard to tell if cast of a bivalve or brachiopod or maybe an echinoid. Definitely not an egg though. Knowing the location would put an age to it and rule things in or out

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Barrow Museum
I believe it is a brachiopod shell, from the Order called "Productids".  These were one of the dominant elements of the marine fauna in the Carboniferous Period, some 340 million years ago.  You might find these anywhere that Carboniferous Limestone crops out,  from Cumbria, to the Pennines, Peak District and Mendip Hills.
It looks as if the shell has broken from its internal mould, so the typical striated exterior is still hidden, on the other side of the shell in the concave side.  What you see as an egg-shape is the impression of the inside of the shell.  The double indentation along the margin may well be the mark of attachment of the internal structure that brachiopods have, called "brachia".
I hope that not being an egg isn't too disappointing.  It is a nice item to discover and if you go back, you will almost certainly find more, and better specimens in limestone of the same appearance.
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