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  • Found this Isle of Mull, anyone any ideas what it is?42913CE0-94FC-4306-9015-62026D0B2A71.jpeg 
46A7C79E-F8F3-4681-9A41-3269B1FE82FE.jpeg  BBE75551-2C66-461D-B134-CA3BCA9C169A.jpeg  A58C47A6-ED8A-4AC9-9A98-1AD313B4428A.jpeg  84D2DEA6-2FC7-4151-B130-C93DE61DE506.jpeg 
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Firstly welcome to the forum. Please provide the following information in all enquiries.
  • location found, the Isle of Mull in your case has more than one geological formaton.
  • please include a scale in all photos
From what I can see from your photos, I see no evidence of any fossils.
Colin Huller
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