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8E982052-00D3-40B9-88D4-41CCFAD5B9B0.jpeg  025E95AF-5241-4E55-94BE-CA2654BB216E.jpeg  1DD1F484-7BBF-4D4C-ADCE-9D0E5C0DB190.jpeg  1334055E-AF81-46B6-85EB-0B104E428F2C.jpeg  8D87A2A2-515F-4034-84B7-D9139E9E5C83.jpeg  DA91564F-16C1-41E2-8EE9-1C754A2CCB83.jpeg  3B2118D4-3D48-4775-82B3-3347A349668A.jpeg  8ECFDA28-A1C0-4140-9ABE-EA9E7E36E165.jpeg  Found this nodule last week at Port Mulgrave. Hoping someone on the forum will be able to shed some light on what it is
Cheers Rob 
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It’s either ichthyosaur ribs or gyrosteus bone.
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Yes, it looks like Gyrosteus bone fragments.
Colin Huller
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