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Thank you in advance for any help.
 One of the photos is of flint found in the uk from cliff erosion where the occasional fossil is found and the pattern leaves me questioning if it's just a fault in the flint or indeed a skeleton imprint? 
 The second flint was found inland and have a feeling that it maybe either plant or sponge?

Thank you for any assistance 
 Colin 20200728_155941.jpg  20200728_160000.jpg  20200728_155912.jpg  20200728_155916.jpg 
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Gary W
Probably sponge remains or perhaps bryozoa.
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These are both sponge remains.
Colin Huller
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Ok, thank you for the info. The first being sponge doesnt surprise me as it was found in pakefield/lowestoft and in the cliff face clay can be seen so whilst doggerland existed the clay suggests there was a stream or river on that spot so ties in with the fossil. Thank you
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The second one is definitely a rather nice sponge. Not sure about the first, it isn't obviously so and may just be a chalky infill in the flint.
They're both Upper Cretaceous flint and are much older than Doggerland! Flint eroded from the Chalk is very common in Boulder Clay cliffs.
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20200727_133411.jpg it was in and around this area so maybe a fault within the flint as you say.
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