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I found this last week near whitby, i collect stones and pebbles and loved the unusual shape on this one, however I'm not sure it is a stone, it is quite heavy and measures 14cm long by 8cm width 5 n half cm depth, would appreciate some input 20190918_123331.jpg  20190918_123348.jpg  20190918_123357.jpg  20190918_123409.jpg 
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Hi Shaz
IMHO it's just a piece of those odd shaped nodules you find in the shale
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Hello and welcome to the forum Shaz, I think estwing is right, but it MIGHT be a piece of plant trunk.
Colin Huller
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Hello, looks like a typical pseudo vertebra nodule from the yetrock; obvious how they got their name...

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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