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I think it is definitely flint as well, but certainly tooth shape.
Let their be fossils!
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I found this specicmen in a wheat field in Northern  France (Picardie). Thought it looked like a tooth but now I am not so sure. Any ideas what it could be? 


DSC00807.JPG DSC00809.JPG 
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It looks like a piece of chert (flint) to me but may well be wrong.

It's always great to "shoot" your own
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hi,i also think its a piece of flint.

down amongst the stones.
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Hi Galactus 
I'm afraid i can only agree with the others, a flint nodule that just looks tooth like.  I suppose it could be some sort of burrow that got filled with flint, hard to say for sure though.

Keep looking you should find some flint echinoids eventually.



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