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Hi all these was found in undisturbed silurian limestone area, muddy as heck washed, washed again and ive laquered them as already have design planned for them, is there any way to tell are these from the silurian period?? To good of a condition so maybe not  any advice greatly appreciated thank you , size 20 inches x 6 inches approx colour of bark appears red?

20200820_173705.jpg 20200820_173208.jpg 20200820_173217.jpg 20200820_173247.jpg 20200820_173414.jpg20200820_173528.jpg 20200820_173630.jpg 20200820_173644.jpg 
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Dirty Pete
That's an easy one, trees didn't exist in the Silurian. All modern I'm afraid.

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Hahaha what a plonka I am thank you  this educational lark is fascinating  I've been searching for a dinosaur for months then it dawned on me no dinosaurs in silurian era. Every day is a learning curve, much appreciated 
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