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Just wondering if anyone has collected at Wootton Bassett before and if so, where at and anything I would need to know. Thanks.
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I’ve been once before , was not a really great spot from my experience, managed to pick up a few little iridescent ammonites and a couple belemnites but nothing superb. Be careful not to go over the fence near the mud spring ,however tempting as it might be, the area is quite dangerous, there are multiple signs around this area to warn the public . It’s worth having a look though quite a cool little spot 🙂
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Yeah I've been to wootton bassett on multiple occasions. There's a ton of small belemnites (most of them are broken though). Ammonites are pretty rare but if you find them they're really beautiful. There's quite a lot of old oyster shells too. Last time I went I found 2 hybodus teeth, both were pretty small though. Other things you may find include small bits and pieces of bone and tiny shark teeth.
By far my best find from wootton bassett is a small croc tooth which I first mistook for a belemnite.
These are really rare though.
Wellies, a good sturdy sieve, plastic gloves, a shovel and mosquito repellant are a must.
It's pretty hard to find, as you walk along the canal, there should be fields to your right.
Cross the fields and there runs a little stream where you can fossil hunt.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks guys!
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