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Found on Lytham beach IMG_20200829_145504_5.jpg  IMG_20200829_145448_9.jpg  IMG_20200829_145421_6.jpg  IMG_20200829_145359_3.jpg  IMG_20200829_145354_0.jpg 
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What are we supposed to be looking at in the photos - the white thing or the rock?
Colin Huller
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Sorry the white thing ' on top of the rock
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Barrow Museum
It's a dermal denticle from an elasmobranch fish (shark, ray... that type with cartilagenous skeletons).  Their skin is covered with "dermal denticles" and the teeth are merely a variety of the same structure. This one I think is from a ray (maybe "Raja sp") and is the denticle type called a "Buckler spine" which is somewhere on the tail..  I doubt that it is fossil.
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Thank you. 
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Hello, very nice to see a complete one, be it recent.
But these things are often found fossilized at this side of the channel and the spike is allways missing...allthough I have found loose spikes and bases, never complete like this.
Not a fossil, but still a good find!

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Gary W
Very unusual to see a modern dermal denticle.
I have collected them, especially from Abbey Wood.
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