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Does anyone know where to look for fossils in the Campsie Fells in Scotland?

Apparently, there are some fossil beds in the Campsie hills but I'm not sure exactly where to look.

I came across this on another forum 

One of the best places is just behind Lennoxtown. Go up the Crow Road, past the golf course car park and you go round some 'S' bends. There is a lane to your right-hand side, ignore it and continue until about to negotiate a left-hand bend. Just on your right is a small lay by which leads to a mobile telephone mast installation. Park up in that small lane and walk to the side of the mast. There is a path which runs alongside but above the golf course. After about a couple of hundreds yards, you will find yourself in countryside which is full of grassy mounds. I believe this is the scrap heaps of some ancient mining in the area. The rocks found here are limestone and are full of insect and seashell fossils.

I went to this location but couldn't really find anything but I have an untrained eye.

I am also interested in other places around central Scotland. Are there any fossil beds in the Ochil hills for example? 
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