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I'm not a fossil hunter, so have no experience in these things, but I found two stones which (to my untrained eye) looked a lot like bones. Can someone have a look at them please?  20200801_213114.jpg  20200801_213107.jpg  20200801_213101.jpg  20200801_213039.jpg  20200801_213005.jpg  20200801_212958.jpg  20200801_212954.jpg  20200801_212950.jpg I expect they are just oddly shaped bits of chalk, but they looked interesting to me. Both were found on the Wiltshire downs (large chalk hills). Any opinions much appreciated,  apologies if I'm wasting peoples time.


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Dirty Pete
Hi Matt,
Assuming this stuff is hard, I suspect they are bits of flint. The flint often formed in branching animal burrows within the chalk seabed hence the bone like shapes.

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Gary W
I think they are flints.
Ps next time use a neutral background, the bees are distracting!
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