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my 10year old has just got into rocks after collecting sea glass for ages. He has found the following things at parton bay in cumbria where we have been told there are fossils. However his older brothers have said they are "just rocks with marks on". i am pretty sure that the "white/black grey" piece is fossilised wood, and the clam shell type is a solid rock not a shell. any help of whether are fossils or not grateful thanks.

20190917_105751.jpg  20190917_105815.jpg  20190917_105837.jpg  20190917_105857.jpg  20190917_105920.jpg  20190917_105946.jpg  20190917_110014.jpg  20190917_110045.jpg  20190917_110143.jpg  20190917_110201.jpg  20190917_110214.jpg  20190917_110229.jpg  20190917_110253.jpg  20190917_110321.jpg  20190917_110334.jpg  20190917_110356.jpg  20190917_110413.jpg  20190917_110425.jpg  20190917_110517.jpg  20190917_110545.jpg 
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