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denis 1
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Only Me
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Hi Denis, 
Personally, I don't think so. If the shell had been breached in life, I would expect the affected sutures to be infilled with matrix, rather than an infill of pyrite(?). Others may disagree, and I am no expert on evidence of predation, but I personally don't think it is very likely in this case.
Still fantastic specimens, though!
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Neil Clark
I agree with Phil. What you are looking at are the infilled chambers of the ammonite with the original shell removed. It looks like the 'indentations' were made by the pyrite not completely filling the chamber from some reason, or that it originally had something preventing the pyrite growth that has now gone. - Neil
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I also don't think that it is a predation mark ... only holes in the shell with internal pyritized loge.
I attached one Anahoplites from Albain with teeth marks (no turbercule on this ammo specie).
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