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Jurassic Jim
The paired holes on the underside of the vertebrae are foramina.  Holes for blood vessels.
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My girlfriend found this a few days ago. Pretty waterworn and rolled but it's her first articulated find so she was over the moon.

We got home and put it on the shelf, not paying too much attention to it. I had a closer look earlier and there are some strange markings on it.

Hope the pictures show it well enough. You can clearly see where the neural arch would have been. Much harder to see and harder still to photograph, is where the ribs would have attached. These particular verts would have been from the tail. Then there are these dots. All nearly the same size. If they appear in one area, they are there on the opposite side.

My thoughts would be predation marks. Could be sea creatures burrowing also. I don't know. Any ideas?

This picture shows where the neural arch would have been.

This one shows where the ribs would have joined.

Then these following pictures are of the marks in question.

Opposite side.

If they were burrows, I would expect them to be deeper. If they were predation, I would expect to see the indent, then a scratch or drag market you know what I mean.
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*drag mark if you know what I mean.
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