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At this moment in time im trying to post a picture but my card reader wont work. After 3hrs of pen work I have a 30cm scapula with a very fine edge and very little movement on the bone. I had the fortune to borrow my next door neighbours still saw and so my block is now only about a foot and a half by a foot and a half. At this size would it e a plesi or an ichthy?????
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Went down to aust today on a bit of a fresh air out of the house visit, didnt expect to find anything special. However within an hour I was walking back to the car with a very large chunk of rock in my bergen and an excited wife who had just found her first ichiy vert (good one to, about 2 inch). 

The hunk of rock ive brought home is the one that displays almost a wave ripple pattern and has pectern shells within. I also had to break off a thin crust type thing off the top to expose a very large bone section. The bone within looks like a scapula and measures about 8-10 inches in length and about 5 inches in width, I havent started prepping it yet so i dont know the depth. Its with regard to the prep work that im writing this post, whats the best way of seperating the matrix from the bone? Is it best to pen this bed or to use acid to remove the matrix. 

All help will be greatly appreciated 

many thanks 
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May we have some pre = prep photos please?

Colin Huller
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P King Chef
Hi David,
it sounds as though you've got yourself a piece of the Pecten Bed.
The "crust type thing" is beef, a fibrous type of calcite.

To find bone in this layer is not unusual but not common, but the bone does tend to be in better condition than from the bone bed its self.

Mechanical prepping with a pen will be ok as the Pecten Bed is fairly soft, but have a care when you get closer to the bone as it's not usually protected with a calcite film unlike the bone bed.

Agree with Colin, definitely need some pics!


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Bunders, Sounds very promising. Cant wait to see some piccys Thumbs Up
Have a nice day :0)
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