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[smile] Hello, I took a trip down to aust cliff the other day and managed to pick up some fossils, although I only stayed for an hour there was a surprisingly big number of fossils. Please could anyone identify these finds. 

Some possible Lepidotes: lepidotes.jpeg Ribs or Bones?
rib small 2.jpg  rib small.jpg  I dont have any idea what these are:
What could be to the right of the second picture down?
rep skin.jpeg  somethingy.jpeg  trilo.jpeg  A possible vert with three side views. vert 2nd.jpeg  vert 3rd.jpeg   vert 1st view.jpeg   A tooth maybe? (above)
A possible paddle bone, however I dont think thats very likely>
hybodus.jpeg  ples paddle.jpeg    
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Dirty Pete
Hi, nice selection of broken bones and teeth. 
All I'll say is that pic 4 looks a lot like the spotted ornamentation on Severnichthys jaw bones I found at Aust some years ago. Shame you didn't include or mention the scale.

 Ornamented section 2cm top to bottom.


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