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Dirty Pete
Visited Aust for the first time in quite a while, main reason is that they've scrapped the bridge tolls and secondly we've had a bit of rain in these parts recently which tends to loosen things up a bit. 

Lovely day for it.

Looks suspiciously like a fin spine (3" blade)

Plenty of recently fallen bone bed lying around for people with big hammers.

Made a composite Hybodus fin spine from some bits I took home.

Thanks for looking,


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Dirty Pete
Spotted this Hybodus minor tooth this morning. 11mm across, might try and dig out the point.

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Gandalf the White
Nice finds!
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P King Chef
Hi Pete, I managed a rare visit to Aust yesterday afternoon and came back with a few bits. The broken one is a rescue that someone had left for dead. It appears to contain two articulated ichthyosaur vertebrae which is a very rare occurrence. Walking back I picked up the algae covered piece which has a piece of rib bone in it.
I also found out that my waterproof trousers no longer live up to their name! Click image for larger version - Name: 20181221_135444.jpg, Views: 71, Size: 864.05 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 20181221_135455.jpg, Views: 68, Size: 674.30 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 20181221_135503.jpg, Views: 65, Size: 817.11 KB

At work I have to make a lot of sacrifices.
It's one of the benefits of being a Druid.
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Dirty Pete
Hi Pete,
I see what you mean about the verts. Articulated and Aust bonebed are not words you normally hear in the same sentence.
I'm assuming they are 2 articulated verts split/fractured longitudinally. Rare as the proverbial rocking horse shite, might be worth
getting the tools out and exposing a bit more. Nice to know the cliff is still producing interesting material after my long absence.

This came out of the dishwasher today revealing various fish teeth (Hybodus/Severnichthys), coprolites, phosphatic nodules, indeterminate
bone and even a fish scale, diamond shaped thing just below the Severnichthys tooth.




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Dirty Pete
Took a stroll next to the downstream cliff today. Recent fall has dropped a large slab of bonebed on the beach.
Also many smaller bits lying around. I built a cairn so should be easy to find.
I didn't have a big enough hammer so have donated it to those with bigger tools.

Underside: (The unconformity surface)
Upperside with clay drape:
Spotted this nice bivalve shell in the clay drape:
Mytilus or Modiolus maybe.



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Dirty Pete
Small lump I carried home from yesterday just out of the dishwasher:
From north to south; a coprolite with nice spiral marks, a lovely Gyrolepis albertii fish scale
with interesting fracture patterns and a large bit of bone which presumably is a bit of marine
reptile limb bone. Hopefully someone will extract something nice from the slab/s left behind.
Thanks for looking,


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