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Hi All,

Made a trip to Aust yesterday and came back with a load of bone bed to sort and process. Could anyone give an opinion on this tooth please? I've got many severnichthys teeth but this is longer than any I taken out of the bone bed so far (or maybe it is just a more complete severnichthys tooth than others I have). It has quite fine striations, but it doesn't seem to have any curve to the tooth like a plesi tooth I already have.

Also further down is a nice bit of bone, piece of large rib?

T1.jpg T2.jpg T3.jpg T4.jpg T5.jpg T6.jpg T7.jpg T8.jpg    


B1.jpg B2.jpg B3.jpg B4.jpg  Click image for larger version - Name: T3.jpg, Views: 16, Size: 237.83 KB Click image for larger version - Name: T4.jpg, Views: 17, Size: 199.84 KB
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The tooth might be a worn plesiosaur but the bone I think is part of a rib or limb bone. nice finds.
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thanks, yes I was thinking possible plesiosaur tooth, but I've only seen them with a curve, whereas looks quite straight, so I wasn't sure. And the bone, yes I also thought it might be something other than rib due to it size and thickness 
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Yes, that would match the size of the beast from which I found the surangular section. I have a similar piece from Lavernock (see photo and found by Bow with large Ophthalmosaurus rib section for comparison). These would appear to be more than 66% larger than mid-rib sections of Shonisaurus! We desperately need more of this material from these giants. Their size could have reached the limit of what is possible and they probably died out at the Triassic/Jurassic boundary


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