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Fossil hunter
Some findings from Barton on sea last week.
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Gerald Gibson
Fossil Hunter:

Some of these might be sandsharks.  I  have some, almost identical, in my collections.  What is the geological age of this site?

---- Gerald
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Gerald, These are Ypressian (47 - 56 million years old)
Colin Huller
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I would have thought Bartonian - 41 - 37 Mya. Good guide to Barton fossils is "Fossils of the Barton Beds" by Ray Chapman. Bournemouth Natural Science Society at 39 Christchurch Road have a good collection of Barton fossils and copies of the booklet for sale. If you are ever in Bournemouth on a Tuesday 10 - 4 well worth a look."Chunky" tooth probably Charcharias hopei.
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