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Visiting these two cities next week. Any museums with good fossil exhibits? 
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Dirty Pete
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery,
Queens Rd (next to Wills memorial building)

Haven't been for a while but they have an excellent fossil/mineral collection. I remember being impressed with the Scelidosaurus (Charmouth dinosaur) displays.
There's a couple of fossil shops inside St Nicholas market (next to the Bristol Nails) which are as good as a small museum.

Bath used to have a very good dedicated geological museum years ago but sadly they shut it down years ago (financial reasons presumably). Not sure what happened to the exhibits........

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Thanks Pete, that is most helpful. 

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The Bath Museum (BRLSI) still exists but for financial reasons they have no more than a couple of display cases in the entrance way. The collections are all still safe and they have a curator in charge. There is currently no room or money to develop more displays. All very sad.
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I know this doesn’t count as a museum but I would highly recommend Aust Cliff in Bristol for a successful fossil hunting trip.
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