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I was looking through the bits I brought back from belting and this caught my eye as looking quite different to the others.  Is this a fossil... or shell fragment, or something else...

20200531_121219.jpg  20200531_121236.jpg  20200531_121246.jpg  20200531_121325.jpg  20200531_121359.jpg  20200531_121427.jpg  20200531_121444.jpg  20200531_121457.jpg 

Many thanks

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Hello, going by shape and color I think this could be a (partial) earbone from a dolphin like animal of Eocene - Pliocene age.

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Wow very cool, thanks!
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Gary W
Sorry to dissapoint but I have never heard of any mammalian remains from Beltinge.  The beds are Paleocene not Pliocene 
I think it just looks like a pyritic nodule of which there are millions on the beach at Beltinge.
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