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Great finds! 
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Been out at Charmouth literally every day this week fossiling. Found the usual and nothing exciting. Yesterday I found my first partial rib bone which I was over the moon about. Today we were gunna give it a miss but decided to go. Glad we did. Had a fantastic 4 hours down the beach. I have been interested in fossiling since I was very young but it's only this last week I've been taking it seriously. I'm not all that knowledgeable but I'm learning. Figured out what kind of rocks I need to look for and how to break them so now I don't feel like a kid with a hammer. Anyway, here's today's haul. Absolutely over the moon.

Nice ammonite. This was the first fossil I found today. Nice size. Gunna get it cleaned up a bit.

Then it got really cool. I found all these within a hundred meters of each other in about half hour.

Here's the first Ichthyosaur paddle bone I've ever found. As I said, I'm new to this so I new immediately this was bone but assumed it was a mis shapen Icthyosaur Vertebrae. Took it in the shop and they identified it for me.

Then found a small Ichthyosaur vert. Very familiar with these so no confusion.

Then this is actually the first fossil I found after the ammonite. I was saying to my girlfriend about how we've been every day and not found a single vert. Then bang, I spot this at the high tide mark, jut lying on the shingle. My lack of experience told me this was definitely a bon but most likely a rolled ichthyosaur vert. But I was still very excited due to its size. The I took it into the shop and he gave me the good news. It's a Plesiosaur vertebrae! I was over the moon as I know these are pretty rare down Charmouth. My prized fossil at the moment.

Here's all the bone collection. The rib partial was found yesterday.

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Feel your excitement and remember it well. very happy for you - enjoy !
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What a great haul - the Plesi vert is really something special - I guess you are really hooked now :)

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Nice finds and well done Koss1959, I guess you have got the bug big time now.


Late to start but a lifetime left to learn.
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