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I found this piece of ammonite in a local field in north Oxfordshire: it'll be from the Torcian of the Marlstone Rock Formation. My first thought was that it had been hit by a plough but now I'm not so sure. The darker (goethite?) layer curves down into the groove (second pic) so I'm thinking it's older than a plough mark. There's also a roughly parallel scrape in the other side (first pic).

Harpoceras1.jpg  Harpoceras2.jpg  Harpoceras3.jpg 

I've found a bitten Harpoceras in the same area before but these marks are much bigger than than those were. If it is a bite any thoughts about a  possible suspect? Things that spring to mind are pliosaur, big icthyosaur or marine croc but I'm not sure which are known from the relevant time and place. 
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Dirty Pete
Hi tc,
Does the chamber fill sediment in the groove (pic 2) have a curved profile? If it does wouldn't that mean the chamber was already filled with sediment when the groove was created? Seem to remember the last bitten ammonite thread on this site went on for weeks.......

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