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Location:Kraków, Zakrzówek, Poland
Age:Cretaceous, Touronian
Whsts specimen crab is it?  Click image for larger version - Name:, Views: 49, Size: 193.91 KB Click image for larger version - Name:, Views: 46, Size: 227.28 KB
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Hello, I don't think there were very many crabs in thMid Cretaceous, only some lobsters! I think what you have found is a Heteropolar shark coprolite. (Shark poo)!
Colin Huller
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Ok thank you
This is my first coprolite 🙂 
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Looks like ornamentation in the first picture. Try Plagiophthalmus.
Crossing the eyes and dotting the teas.
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I agree with Andy, certainly crab, also look at Pithonoton? Probably needs prepping out to be sure

If you don't look, you won't find.
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