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Found this bone this morning on the stretch of beach between Whitstable and Herne Bay. Any ideas?! 7E704823-BEBD-473C-B084-6DC08CDF9192.jpeg  D9EFEACB-5DFF-4B13-AE54-8A78DB8A0EB2.jpeg  33B7EFEE-F96A-426D-8AA2-E210F4A9E51C.jpeg  6B78DEEF-8FC6-4E90-B484-2A4FE19FA45C.jpeg  B4E043E8-B403-4504-A259-C7EA7AD3FB72.jpeg  287738D7-0CA1-4BD6-A14B-5DBA3D91CD8A.jpeg 
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