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Jonni Dawson
Hi guys,

Been directed here for help with this one, its a slab I found at Penarth a few years back which chipped in the frost last year exposing a bit of bone...always a nice surprise! I've done a bit of prep but its a large grain sandstone with heavy pyrite deposits so work is going slow. Managed to expose the bone in the chip that came off but any tips for prepping the rest of the piece would be greatly appreciated.
Also anybody have any idea what this could be? Looks like the top of a hip bone to me perhaps pachystropheus?
Thanks in advance
Jon Click image for larger version - Name: DSC00509.jpg, Views: 79, Size: 6.25 MB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_20180307_184552_465.jpg, Views: 75, Size: 2.15 MB Click image for larger version - Name: DSC00507.jpg, Views: 74, Size: 6.87 MB
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Hello & Welcome to the Forum!

I'm afraid the reason there were no replies for the past two days is that it is not really possible to say anything about your find other than yes, it does appear to be a piece of bone. 
Some sharper photos with better details would help, but even then I don't think there is enough to go on.

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