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Hi, this is my first ever post!

Whilst digging a pond with my children in mid-Warwickshire I dug up a number of rocks to use as edging. I gave each one a wash and came across this interesting rock with bones embedded in it. The rock looks like sandstone but my neighbour thinks it might be "Blue Lias" as its prevalent in the area.

I sprayed a bit of water onto the rock for the photos to make the bones a bit more visible. 

Any idea what it might be, and what I should do with it?

received_1040741199660196.jpeg received_222667245465047.jpeg received_149675096462975.jpeg received_674897096603780.jpeg received_2539189066185999.jpeg received_511272966217413.jpeg
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Brittle Star

I think what you have is pieces of Crinoid (sea lily) picture one is a partial articulated stem. Not bones I'm afraid. 

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Hello Andy and welcome to the forum. Brittlestar is spot on, these are parts of crinoid stems  which have broken apart on an ancient sea bed..
Colin Huller
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Wonderful, thanks everyone! 
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