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Firstly I'd like to introduce myself as I'm new to the forum. I'm Theo, a local fossil collector on the Isle Of Wight. I focus all my collecting on the Island's Eocene and Oligocene vertebrates, particularly from the Bouldnor Fm. where I've been collecting for a while now. I'm a regular down at Hamstead and Bouldnor and head down there 2 or 3 times a week depending on the tides. I collect anything from fish to mammals and have recently started collecting micro-vertebrates too. I've had a bit of luck over the years including finding a Ronzotherium molar back in April, and when I'm not out collecting I work as a lab volunteer at Dinosaur Isle. 

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help in IDing a find I made yesterday at Bouldnor Cliff. It's a mammal phalange but it doesn't resemble anything I've seen or found before. Bothriodon is the most common mammal but this doesn't appear to be from that, it's quite robust and heavily built, with a definite asymmetry. Dimensions wise it's 4.2cm long and 2cm wide. I'm at a real loss as to what this could be especially as non-anthracothere material is quite rare. 

Any help would be really appreciated, 


  IMG_0207.jpg  IMG_0208.jpg  IMG_0211.jpg  IMG_0212.jpg  IMG_0213.jpg 

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Brittle Star

I have found Anoplotherium bone from Bouldnor on the corner where the footpath comes down to the sea before going off towards Hamstead. My toe bone was slightly bigger but maybe a possiblility.

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