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IMG_0452.jpg Was Found on Tryfan (in snowdonia), Should be in the ordovician period
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Well, I will try to help. The straight hinge line identifies the specimen probably as a an orthid brachiopod. Identifying brachiopods is complicated as one needs to look at internal and external features. However, on the basis of this photograph and the early Ordovician age of the location it was found in I can only suggest one or two genera - Treioria or Paurorthis. I am not confident in saying these names it's more of a starting point to delve further. There are a number of published sources available on the internet in respect of brachiopods from North West Wales.
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Thanks i will read amongst those you have given!

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Possibly a Dunbarella sp [smile] only in the wrong time period [confused][confused] 
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